Hi, I am Dave McLeroy, president of Green Leaf.

We at Green Leaf offer you tools for measuring irrigation effectiveness and quality delivery.

Not all jobs are created equal. The main variables are budget and quality of services expected.

Put a metric to quality delivery and you can confidently manage profit and relationships. Employees who see objective results from their efforts on water and quality management maximize their portfolios.

Green Leaf's software supports quality aware contractors. You will win and retain more contracts with quality management.

Dave has 30 years landscape contracting experience

Dave with Miguel, Operations Manager of a succesful landscaping company
There is no such thing as a low bid. Quality drives price, price drives quality.

You define job quality with your client each time you are preparing for a bid (on a hand colored site map prepared for client). Factoring quality into the bid process you will show professionalism at the bid table and set the standard. If the client doesn't have a sufficient budget for the job you can negotiate quality, not price.

With this approach to bidding you will profit on low and high bids and protect your reputation with objective quality reports.

To objectively measure landscape quality improvement overtime and focus manpower where needed, we offer Green Leaf quality control software. To view a quick tour about this product click here.

How much does it cost?

For Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine readers Green Leaf is offering a monthly rate of $10-$75 /property per program, based on size and number of sites. Please call us to take advantage of this portfolio offer.

No initial investment, no long term commitment. See our regular monthly rates.

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Green Leaf Water Management program is endorsed by the California Landscape Contractors Association Inc. (CLCA) and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA).
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