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Customer Quotes

David Packard, Owner, Hewlett-Packard
"You appear to have a good project ...we wish you well in this endeavor."

Ross Schiveley, Site Operations Manager, Advanced Micro Devices
"Green Leaf inspects our landscapes at all facilities. Our grounds are in top shape and our water costs have been under control for years with their water audit programs in place. I would like to thank the Green Leaf team for all of their hard work and innovation."

Doug Christison, CCAM, PCAM President of Community Assoc. Services (one of the oldest and largest HOA managament companies in Northern California)
"Green Leaf's online software tools are essential for managing community associations in this time of water scarcity and high utility costs. With our "performance pay" landscape maintenance contracts, which set expectations for water management, we are able to deduct from the landscaper's payment for wasting the association's water. I highly commend Green Leaf Mapping & Control Systems for helping us meet our client's expectations. Green Leaf's programs deliver consistent results."

Sharon Massingham, CCAM President, Owner Massingham & Associates
"Green Leaf is a trend setter in landscape management reporting. Their water and quality programs verify my contractors and provide a sound basis for withholding payment when contracts are in default."

Greg Nauman, Facilities Operations Manager, Lucent Technologies
"Your building and grounds audit programs at Lucent have been outstanding! A significant impression is made by the appearance of our buildings and grounds. Your program has been enormously valuable in providing the tools with which to better manage our vendor supported services. I commend you and your team for your contribution to our shared success, and I look forward to our continued partnership."

Eng Tan, New Business Development Manager, HP Labs, Strategic Planning Dept., Hewlett-Packard Letter to the World Headquarters Facilities Manager
"I met with Dave McLeroy of Green Leaf a few days ago and thought you ought to know how impressed I was with the process that they have developed to manage our HP facilities. Not only was the process they developed very simple and had all the hallmarks of rigorous TQC principles and measures, but it also seemed extremely effective. We are very fortunate to have such a competent vendor."

Mike Johnson, World Facilities Manager, Hewlett-Packard
"Green Leaf has helped us purchase results, not services, by improving quality at all sites by 10-40%, reducing chemical products used by 30%, reducing water usage by 40% and cutting our plant replacement cost by 50%."

Hemanta Agarwala, P.E., CEM, Energy Engineer, Landis & Gyr Powers, Inc.
"We are delighted to inform you that we have exceeded the projected water and sewer savings by almost 100% for the Oak Grove School District. Your water management processes have proved their effectiveness. In the last six months, the School District has saved more than $50,000 in water and sewer costs. Your service fees were paid from the program savings in 6 months, and will continue to produce positive cash flow for the School District. Thank you for providing the excellent service."

Glen Leggoe, Service Account Engineer, Landis & Gyr Powers, Inc.
"You have exceeded my expectations, and I congratulate Green Leaf for a real commitment to excellence."

David Struck, Energy Services Engineer, Landis & Staefa
"This letter is to recognize your firm for the value you have provided us in fully developing the proposed Water Management programs for our Public School customers."

Jon Mockabee, Owner of EarthTech Landscape
"Our crews work more productively with Green Leaf because charting their progress gives the men a sense of accomplishment and competitive pride."

Larry Petretti, Owner, Executive Landscape Services
"I believe that if a company is doing their job, they should not be afraid of anybody inspecting their job, and that's what Green Leaf does. We have found a way to use the Green Leaf report as a management tool for our company and have saved money because of reduced middle management cost".

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