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Water Management

Landscapes are over and under watered regularly due to improper watering schedules. Improper watering causes soil nutrient loss, weaker, disease susceptible plants and shallow rooting. Hardscape, like asphalt, fences and buildings are damaged. Mold and fungus are promoted in constant wet conditions with no drying out periods. Landscapes are especially over watered during summer and fall resulting in significantly increased water bills.

WE CAN HELP! Our proactive planning methods are based on 25 years of experience serving cities, commercial properties, churches, home owner associations, etc. Green Leaf Online Water  Management Tools help you budget, enforce, spot problems and report savings.
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Benefits - What's in it for you?
»You pay the water bills!

»Save 20%-50% on water without upfront investment.

»Use the well documented schedules year after year to keep in budget.

»Be in charge with complete information. See changes quickly using highlights.
»Stay in budget!

»Demonstrate your control over the process using easy to understand reports.

»10 min per site each month is all you need.

»Paperless management using online reporting.

»Cut the time and effort to develop professional grade watering schedules.

»Get new business using effective water management as a marketing tool.

»Keep clients happy by saving on their water bills.

»Lower costs by reducing customer complaints.

Features - What does it do?
Dynamic Alerts - As schedules are being developed, dynamic alerts prevent over-under watering. Various alerts keep weather demand, landscape demand and run-off limits in check.

Online Reports - Each month's schedule is posted to the online reports to show savings and progress. Easy to read charts and tables summarize the analysis down to simple facts.

Site Maps - Knowing the location of various landscape elements and which valve waters which area is critical for water management. Site maps are within close reach while the schedules are being developed for quick reference.

Features - How does it work?
Setup - The location and landscape characteristics (such as plant, slope and soil type) are setup through the quick and easy online setup. Using the location information the schedules are checked to fit climatic conditions. Similarly using landscape characteristics the schedules are made suitable to any landscape combination.

Starting Points - Using schedules developed in previous months as a starting point during new schedule development speeds up the process. Making minor adjustments rather than starting from scratch saves time and effort.

Meter Readings - Periodic meter readings are used to calculate savings and verification of the schedules. Reports show the recent period and year to date savings. Schedules are verified using meter reading data to ensure that the schedules are correctly entered into the watering equipment.

Soil Probing - Problem areas identified by the alerts should be further tested using a technique called soil probing. By inserting a soil probe deep into the soil the moisture level can be measured. The schedules are then fine-tuned to achieve even better results.

The patented Green Leaf soil probe is provided together with the Water Management program for $170. It provides a quick and accurate way to measure soil moisture at the root depth.

Pricing - How much does it cost?
No initial investment, no long term commitment. See our low monthly rates. ORDER ONLINE NOW!

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