David Packard, Owner, Hewlett-Packard"
"You appear to have a good project ...we wish you well in this endeavor.

Greg Nauman, Facilities Operations Manager, Lucent Technologies
"Your building and grounds audit programs at Lucent have been outstanding! A significant impression is made by the appearance of our buildings and grounds."

Glen Leggoe, Service Account Engineer, Landis & Gyr Powers, Inc.
"You have exceeded my expectations, and I congratulate Green Leaf for a real commitment to excellence."
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Tel: (408) 257 2221
Quality Control Tools
With our highly visual, comprehensive quality control program you will gain control over your service quality. Our Online Quality Control Tools provide the workflow solution to perform inspections, spot and follow-up on problems...
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Mapping Services
Using specific information supplied by your facilities department (ex: floor maps), Green Leaf develops inspection maps and sets up your Quality Control Tools.
Training Services
Our training team is available for onsite sessions to bring your crews up to speed.
Property Managers!
Our online reporting gives you control over your service quality and budget

Custodial Contractors!
Cut the time and effort to develop work orders, eliminate unnecessary crew hours
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