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Custodial services regularly lack any quality measurement. Due to poor communication and improper crew scheduling repeating problems go unnoticed. Resources are wasted on areas where no further effort is required while tasks in other areas are pending.

WE CAN HELP! Our quality measurement and proactive planning methods are based on years of experience serving cities, commercial properties, churches, etc. Green Leaf Online Quality  Control Tools help you spot problems and reach results without undesirable impact on your budget.
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Benefits - What's in it for you?
»Increase service quality without budget impact.

»Use the well documented data year after year to anticipate problems.

»Be in charge with complete information.

»See changes quickly using highlights.
»Stay in budget and increase service levels!

»Demonstrate your control over the process using easy to understand reports.

»10 min per site each month is all you need.

»Paperless management using online reporting.

»With minimal time and effort develop professional grade management reports.

»Get new business using effective quality management as a marketing tool.

»Keep clients happy by delivering higher quality.

»Lower costs by reducing customer complaints.

Features - What does it do?
Automated Data Input - Input quality data simply by clicking the mouse.

Online Reports - Each data entry is posted to the online reports to show progress. Easy to read charts and tables summarize the analysis down to simple facts.

Site Maps - Knowing the location of problems is critical for quality management. Maps are within close reach for quick reference.

Features - How does it work?
Setup - The priority of each inspection area is setup through the quick and easy online setup. Higher priority areas require more detail work where low priority areas require less.

Inspections - Data collected during structured inspections are easily entered and related reports are presented online. Full or Follow Up (Partial) inspections can be recorded and seperately reported.

Work Orders - Automated work orders direct resources where they are most needed based on real inspection data not guesswork.

Pricing - How much does it cost?
No initial investment, no long term commitment.

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