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Bob Tanem and Green Leaf President Dave McLeroy share the same thought. It takes a lot to maintain a high quality landscape.

Weather changes, plant diseases, pests and a whole list of other factors significantly effect the health of the landscape. With so many things to go wrong, landscaping is no less than a complicated management task.

To see how technology can be used to make landscaping easier to manage and more enjoyable Bob and Dave have been working together on a project at New Beginnings Center.

Their goal is to improve the health of the landscaping and reduce the amount of irrigation water being used.

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Green Leaf Solutions
Using Green Leaf's step by step approach to water conservation our customers save 20-50% on their water bills year after year. These results are achieved by using Green Leaf software to adjust irrigation schedules based on seasonal weather changes. To view a quick tour about this product click here.

Knowing which irrigation valve waters each planter is critical for succesful irrigation management. Even a hand drawn map works quite well. Bob and Dave developed a computer drawn (CAD) map of New Beginnings Center.

To objectively measure landscape quality improvement overtime and focus man power where needed, we offer Green Leaf quality control software. To view a quick tour about this product click here.

How much does it cost?
No initial investment, no long term commitment. See our low monthly rates.

For Bob Tanem's listeners Green Leaf will include quality control program free of charge with the purchase of the water management program (applies to home's only). Please enter promotion code BOB during online registration.

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